Monica Wisdom Tyson
Chief Storyteller, Strategist & Entrepreneur
 Monica is a strategist and storyteller that combines 30 of experience as an entrepreneur with innovation that cultivates a social imprint that builds trust, fosters integrity and amplifies connection with your audience.


I am a second generation entrepreneur who would sit next to my father in his pharmacy and watch his every move. Not only did I learn chemistry but I learned the importance of building relationships in business.

It was not easy but as a black man in the 60′ who was a pharmacist with a family. His only option to provide for his entire family was to open his own business. And through watching he and his friends navigate through the waters of owning a business became my training ground.

At age 9 I began working the front register and 39 years later I still believe that entrepreneurship is the best gig ever! I have seen it all and now its my time to share what I know with the world beginning with you!

Are you ready to take a leap into developing your ideas and personal story into a business that you love? Entrepreneurship is the key to living the lifestyle of your dreams. It provides a freedom of living life on your own terms.

That is what results in all of the hard work, focus and determination …. FREEDOM! Freedom to be who you are and make money. If that sounds interesting to you book a discovery call and let’s see how we can make that happen.

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Vision Building is where dreams evolve into reality. It is where every element of  your life connects creating an ecosystem of success. Creating a mission that engineers the direction of your brand, business and life. Because if you know where you are going then you  set the perfect course forward.


Authentic branding tells the story of who you are in a visual way.  It is a three-dimensional expression of your core beliefs, philosophy and core message. Branding determine the who, what , where , how and why of your business. And all if that builds off of the foundation of your story. It really is all about you!


Social Media is were storytelling comes alive. It puts your core message into the world and meets your audience exactly where they are. To cultivate a powerful and meaningful brand you must incorporate the elements of your core message. It’s all about connection, trust, and expressing your truth.


For centuries our lineage was carried down through the art of storytelling. This tradition is now the wave of the future in business and branding, creating a deeper connection.  Your story is your most powerful tool in connecting to your audience and frankly to yourself. Stories are essential in building success!

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Monica is a master storyteller, strategist and entrepreneurial consultant and would be honored to work with your company in creating a brand strategy that cultivates a social imprint that builds trust, fosters integrity and amplifies connection with your consumers.



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